Adding accented characters in #Lyx #writing

I hope this helps any new Lyx users who need to add the occasional accented character.

I’ve just used up a half hour of writing time, doing something other than writing, just to discover the solution to a relatively simple task. How do I type the word fêted, complete with its circumflex ê, in Lyx?

Thanks to PaulJohnson32gm here is one solution that appears reasonably straightforward.

Either – go to View/Toolbars/Command Buffer or enter Alt+x – either of these actions opens a little window at the bottom of the Lyx screen. Leave the cursor where you want the accented character to appear, within your Lyx document, then click in the little box and type whichever of the following you need. The correctly accented character appears within your document.

  • accent-grave e
  • accent-acute e
  • accent-circumflex e

I know, this answer will be somewhere in the Lyx documentation. I couldn’t see it after 5 minutes; but DuckDuckGo and I found it in 5 seconds.

Thanks Paul.