In praise of #TimeMachine and #Grsync for #Linux Backup

One crucial file containing early work on my book was corrupted today in the move over from my old MacBook to my new Asus Typewriter. After a few seconds of horror I remembered that I had a Time Machine backup of the Mac’s contents. I plugged the backup hard drive in, fired up Time Machine and restored the file. Time Machine is such a good application that it’s almost a good reason to buy a Mac. But was there anything on Linux that worked that easily?

Searching brought up four likely candidates, all seemingly inspired by Apple Time Machine: FlyBack, Back in Time or TimeVault and Grsync.

I couldn’t get FlyBack, Back in Time or TimeVault to install, there were ‘missing dependencies’, your experience may vary, but this is something you sometimes come across when trying out Linux software. These problems are often fairly easy to overcome, with searching and crossed fingers, but for backup and not to waste any writing time I didn’t want to have to bodge something only to regret it later.


So, to the rescue came the visually unglamorous but perfect Grsync by Piero Orsoni. It installed from the Mint Package Manager and ran out of the box. Phew.

I’ve yet to set Grsync up with an external hard drive but it looks to have almost exactly the functionality of Time Machine, so I’m hopeful.