Hero 9075 Fountain Pen #fountainpen #writing

The Hero 9075 Fountain Pen
I’ve just taken delivery of a Hero 9075 Fountain Pen with an Iridium Nib. The delivery cost 39p and it took just a couple of weeks for the pen to arrive from eBay user bg27cyf based in Hong Kong. The pen itself cost just .99p – and it’s surprisingly good.

I would class the nib as fine and the quality of the pen as excellent. It has a metal cap, plastic body and built in slider ink filler. The design and build is modern and better than I have any right to expect from a pen costing £20, let alone £1.38.

The Hero is a small, thin pen without it’s cap posted. With the cap posted the pen feels OK in the hand. The grip area is the only potential let down, for large hands it is a little thin, although the more I use it, the more I like it.

The picture is of the Hero using Diamine Asa Blue ink. The ink flow is good and steady, no blotches or splodges, and it doesn’t seem to clog if you leave the pen unused for a while.

If you’re thinking of trying out a fountain pen, this Hero fits the bill perfectly – and you can’t go wrong for the price.