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#Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus #opensource #Linux

What a brilliant find. I installed Artha a few weeks ago and like all serial application fiddlers forgot all about it. Then, this morning I launched Artha by mistake and am pleased, grateful and enthralled. I’m pleased that I have this wonderful tool to use on my Linux Typewriter; grateful to Sundaram Ramaswamy for having the idea, and investing the time to make Artha; and enthralled, as I always am, by how perfectly formed free, as in freedom, and open source software so often is.

All the functionality you need in a thesaurus is there. There are no frills. Sundaram’s use of font styles, colour and layout is perfect. I appreciate Artha’s naming derivation from the Tamil: Arutham, and Sanskrit: Artha. I appreciate The Open Thesuaurs ~ Artha.

If you need a thesaurus on most Linux desktop environments, Windows or Windows Phone 7, Artha is for you.