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#WordPress, Hosted and #Indieweb

A new blog and site, running on WordPress software but hosted elsewhere, to give me better control of my words, pictures, online identity and data, which is not an option when using content and identity silos such as Twitter, Facebook et al; that’s the intent of IndieWeb, and one of the main purposes of this new site. I’m trying out the IndieWeb possibilities and seeing if I can get it to work outside of new social publishing platforms/software such as Known, which is well worth an indielook.

It hasn’t been easy so far and I don’t see it working entirely as intended for a while yet, because trying to do anything outside of the rails provided by someone else – Twitter, Facebook et al – is a cooperative activity, and I do so like to give it my best try on my own first – then cooperatively put things right second. There isĀ  hosting to arrange, WordPress to install and setup, plugins (various) to puzzle over, and generally just trying to grock how lots of odd, non silo things work together – that cooperation I was talking about.

So if you find this post or if it appears on Twitter via Bridgy and my brief mention piques your interest, then take a look at the IndieWeb Principles, because whatever the concerns that brought you here: privacy, control, independence, democracy or idle interest, they are all a part of the larger struggle taking place all over the world. More later.

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